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Work at home – create the structure that makes you successful
26 March, 2020 Healthy Family

Work at home – create the structure that makes you successful

Work at home – create the structure that makes you successful

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During the outbreak of the Corona virus, many work and study from home. Good routines for those who work at home is A and O to succeed both with work and private life.

On Monday, March 16, the Swedish Public Health Agency went out and urged everyone with the opportunity to work from home to do so. For more than a week, the streets of metropolitan areas have become increasingly desolate, as many have responsibly taken the authority’s call seriously.

Become a master of working from home
Getting an efficient and healthy working environment at home, where some may have to share their office with a soon-to-be adult student can be a challenge. Creating clear routines and schedules for each day is the key to success. Get twice as much done as your friends and colleagues with our simple tips!

To maximize the efficiency of your working day at home:

1️⃣ Create clear time frames
Start each day by setting up a structure of what the day should look like. What time is working or school time and what time is private life. Set a start time and an end time. If you don’t have a time for when the work starts and ends, it’s easy for the days to merge and create an inefficiency where the days closest to it disappear. Don’t compromise on your working hours. This is true both when it comes to getting up in the morning as well as finishing on time.

2️⃣ Clarify your tasks
Write a list of all the things you’ll keep up with during the day. Punctuate tasks and also any phone calls or online meetings.

3️⃣ Set up a schedule
Make a schedule hour by hour of what the day should look like. Also be sure that you plan times you have a break and lunch break.

4️⃣ Take a break together
Are you several who work or study under the same roof, try to synchronize your breaks and make this a proper break from what you are working with. This makes you much more effective when you return to your duties.

5️⃣ Be in motion
Take the opportunity to come out and move every day. Plan into your schedule when in the day it’s time for movement. Is it difficult to find the motivation – put on your workout clothes directly in the morning, the starting distance to get out is shorter when the time comes.

6️⃣ Make this tough time a personal start
Make sure to always have healthy snacks at home like nuts, fruits and vegetables to nibble on. Take the opportunity to make this special period we find ourselves in a fresh start of new good practices with better nutrition, more movement and more rest – for both you and the whole family.