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Strong everywhere
4 February, 2020 Healthy Family

Strong everywhere

Strong everywhere

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Put simply, strength training involves exposing a muscle to a greater load than it is used to and the body reacting smartly to make that muscle stronger.

Strength training suits everyone
Man is perfectly created for strength training. Yes, that’s absolutely true! All people, regardless of body type, gender and age, can enjoy strength training. You decide on the pace and how fast it should go and whether you want to work out at home or at the gym.

Each session gives results
Maybe it feels tough to keep your motivation up when you don’t see your muscles bursting out straight away, but we promise, your bodies feel every training session if you just get going with weight training. With each workout, your muscles grow just that little bit stronger. That’s how muscles react when tested!

Better posture
The stronger the muscles in your back, stomach and shoulders, the better posture you will have. Good posture is more than just looking attractive — good posture also gives the body the best conditions to avoid back and joint pain, both now and later in life.

Train anywhere
Strength training can take place anywhere. At the gym, at school, at home. Your mind is the only thing holding you back. If you exercise at the gym, free weights or exercise machines are good tools. But doing push-ups or squats at home absolutely works too.

The brain and heart stay young and fresh
You may have been aware that working out will give you a stronger heart, but did you know that the brain is also kept in shape by strength training? New research shows that strength training protects the brain from age-related diseases such as dementia.