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Reduce issues linked to orderliness
3 February, 2020 Healthy Family

Reduce issues linked to orderliness

Reduce issues linked to orderliness

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Order in the home can reduce irritation and outbursts in the family by between 15-20%. The reason why cleaning and orderliness causes so much frustration essentially comes down to the fact that we are different. 

We interpret our surroundings differently. Studies have shown that introverted people absorb external influences more easily and are more affected by their surroundings than extroverted people. If the home is messy and disorderly, this creates more discomfort for an introverted person.

Disorder can induce stress
The feeling of messiness can provoke stress and even anxiety. It is therefore often this person who ultimately runs around and picks up after the others in the family. This in turn creates irritation towards those who are not as strongly influenced by the environment. A person who is not as strongly affected by external influences may instead be annoyed that the person who wants order nags about getting things in place.

Energy thief
Disorder and chaos can be real energy thieves. It can be laborious to simply clear up your own plate of food if the kitchen counter is already a mountain of dishes. If the kitchen is clean, it is much easier to put the dishes in the machine. The same goes for everything else in the home. If you come back to a messy home, you’ll rarely be motivated to clean, but if you come home and it’s in order, it’s easier to hang your jacket in place and put your shoes in the shoe rack.

Loss of motivation
The energy it takes to live in a mess can negatively affect someone’s mood. It might even feel sad to come home. All the chores that need doing are put off. Motivation is more easily lost in chaos. You can even get tired merely of coming home. The feeling of getting back and becoming stressed about everything you should have done can be devastating. Both for yourself and for relationships.

Create your oasis
Instead, make the home your oasis. Make time together to plan whatneeds to be addressed in your home to make it a great place to be. Whenshould this be fixed and when should it be ready? Whowill do what and howcan you do it in the best and most fun way? Make your home a place that energizes you instead of a place that steals your energy. Make sure that everyone in the family agrees on how you can work together to ensure your home functions in terms of orderliness and everyday activities. Create a structure that ensures everyone in the family takes fair responsibility based on their ability.