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Brain power with vegetables as fuel
25 November, 2019 Healthy Family

Brain power with vegetables as fuel

Brain power with vegetables as fuel

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A colorful dining plate gives a colorful life. Colorful food is not only more fun to watch, but also has an almost magical force that will make you healthier, fresher, stronger and smarter. Who doesn’t want to refuel with a healthy dose of energy every day?

Why more fruit and vegetables?
In fact, what we put in us has a greater impact on how we feel than many people think. Both physically and mentally. Vegetables and fruit contain substances such as minerals, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. You recognize the words, but what difference do they make in the body? Increasing the intake of a green diet to fuel the body with energy that determines how much we can cope with in one day.

We are also becoming more resistant to a variety of diseases. Should we reschedule our diet to eat raw materials from the plant kingdom exclusively, we could delay over 7 million deaths each year worldwide. But it doesn’t end there.

Brain-enriched food
The power of vegetables also affects us mentally. Studies show that people who eat a higher proportion of vegetables, especially raw, have better mental health. How can that be? A diet based on raw materials from the plant kingdom helps create a better intestinal flora. And our intestinal flora has been shown to be connected directly to our brain. A well-functioning bowel releases through less bad substances into the body and also to our brain. At the moment there is a lot of research on the subject and all results point in the same direction. A large proportion of processed foods with a lot of sugar are associated with anxiety and depression. People with vegetables as the basis for their food get away from these inconveniences to a greater extent.

Fruits and vegetables have an incredible ability to transform our bodies, thoughts and how we feel for the better. Already within 24 hours the industry we get in us begins to do good in the body.