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Healthy kids 💚Motivation for tired superheroes! 
5 February, 2020 Healthy Family

Healthy kids 💚Motivation for tired superheroes! 

Healthy kids 💚Motivation for tired superheroes! 

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We are not always as motivated as we would like to be. Fortunately, there are small tricks to use when facing important homework or football matches. Join our little motivational school for tired superheroes!

Listen to a favorite song

Almost everybody likes music! It is even scientifically proven that music can put us in a better mood. Music makes us relax and helps us learn new things more easily. Music has even been shown to have a healing effect on people who are sick. So, put on a favorite song, dance or close your eyes and feel the joy and energy spreading throughout your body!🎶

Get energy from friends and family 👫 
We humans are basically pack animals, and mostly thrive best when we have a small group of friends and family around us. If we feel a little down, we can get energy from our pack, and if we feel happy, we can be the one who energizes and peps up others. Research shows that we feel at our very best when we get to be with others, so it’s no coincidence that children play with each other and that adults have a family. So even if it feels difficult and you prefer to sit quietly in a corner — try sitting quietly in a corner with friends or family. The company will make it feel that little bit better.

Stand as a superhero ✊ 
Yes, it’s actually true! There is research showing that our performance and how we feel are affected by how we stand before doing something difficult or nerve-wracking. Standing like a superhero with feet wide apart, hands by your sides, head held high and a taut chest for five minutes before some accounting or a test on homework is said to increase the chances of doing well. So, try being Superman for a day!