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Healthy Family – part of Generation Pep
3 February, 2020 Healthy Family

Healthy Family – part of Generation Pep

Healthy Family – part of Generation Pep

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Since the fall, Healthy Family has been collaborating with Generation Pep, an organization that works to promote children and young people’s health. The Crown Prince couple are behind Generation Pep, as they are passionate about these issues. 

“Peppers” – want to see healthy children
Generation Pep involves a variety of organizations and companies known as “Peppers”. Common to all Peppers is the desire to improve the opportunities for today’s children and young people to live a more active and healthy life.

Why is Healthy Family a Pepper?
Healthy Family is convinced that we need to join forces in all corners of society to shift the health trend towards a healthier Sweden. Coming together via Generation Pep allows us to take advantage of each other’s knowledge, share experiences with each other and help inspire a new and more healthy generation. Our greatest ambition is to create “doers” rather than “listeners”. With all the accumulated experience we share with other Peppers, we are utterly convinced that we can create a healthier future for our children and young people.

How we can help
With the help of the digital opportunities that exist today, we believe that Healthy Family can bring about real change. With our app, we want to inspire families to dare to take on new challenges every week that strengthen the whole family’s fundamental health through better nutrition, more movement and stronger interaction.