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Forest bathing on prescription in the future
20 April, 2020 Healthy Family

Forest bathing on prescription in the future

Forest bathing on prescription in the future

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Spending more time outdoors is something that many do more than usual now in Corona times. Social distance work is easier outdoors and many schools and kindergartens have had to place a large part of the teaching just outdoors. But nothing evil that has no good with it.

Studies conducted by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences show that students who are taught in nature are less stressed, move more and perform better in school. As far as younger children are young in pre-school age, it has also been seen that children with greater access to green areas and more outdoor activity sleep better, have increased well-being and suffer from fewer infections.

Time for a change of scenery
Outdoor air and especially forest and nature have a positive impact on our ability to concentrate, which makes us perform better. This is an eye-opener even for adults who have brought their office home. For those who are able to move out onto the balcony, patio or even out into the forest a few hours with their work can make both health benefits and a better effort.

Reduced level of concern
But it’s not just students and office workers who can take advantage of the fresh air of these times. Studies show that blood pressure and heart rate are lowered when we spend time in the green. The forest has been shown to lower the level of anxiety for people suffering from this. In a test where different people had to spend 50 minutes in different environments to appreciate their health, there was a big difference between how they were affected by the urban and forest environments. The forest environment made the subjects both calmer, more harmonious and clear-headed.

Forest bathing – the medicine of the future?
Studies from Japan show the same thing where a concept called forest bathing has also been created. Forest bathing is about spending time in the forest with the main purpose of improving your mental health. There are researchers who hope that in the future just as we can today print physical activity as medicine against stress, we will also be able to print forest baths for the same purpose. Work is being made to develop broader evidence-based research in order to be able to substantiate the effects of this. While research continues to work to make us all even healthier, we can only take the opportunity to enjoy all the glorious nature that exists in our beautiful country.