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Healthy Family is a start-up aimed at families who wish to lead healthier lives. Our vision is to see strong, healthy and happy families all over the world. We are creating an app to inspire and motivate families to discover the path towards healthier foods, exciting exercises and greater family relationships together in a fun and modern way. It’s never too late to change your habits and adopt a new direction. We want to be readily available with a genuine tool that is adapted to the needs of families.

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Need family diets to be upgraded? No problem, we help you.

Who does not yearn for breakfast, lunch and dinner with fresh, nutritious food that everyone in the family likes? It is not always easy to get everyone on the train when you are going to break old habits. But with our app it becomes both fun and inspiring to change the diet.

By adopting inspiring challenges, the family can significantly increase the intake of vegetables, reduce sugar and create new balanced diets that result in a healthier and more energetic family. To our dietary challenges follow tailored recipes that help to achieve long-term goals for improved health. 


There is a wide range of challenges related to the social and mental pieces of life.

In the challenges of mind you will find, among other things, the tools you need to get the life puzzle in order, help to build your own and each other’s self-esteem and structure on their screen habits.

Mental ill-health and stress are preventable. Both with the help of exercise, diet and by working with various actions that affect our mental health. Man is an incredibly complex creature and we are confident that you need to take care of all the parts of the body to feel good. Yet the stomach and muscles of our inner life. 


The app includes a variety of diverse and fun training challenges to suit the whole family.

It should be fun to train! And it will be fun when you do it together. Here you can find everything from Tabata, dancing, strength training and yoga. And of course much much more. We promise that there is something for everyone. The training programs can be carried out at home and no workouts are longer than 20 minutes. You do not need any extra tools in addition to the things you have at home.

If you yearn to get the skin set, there are challenges such as cardiotraining, fitness and CrossFit. If you are 7 or 99 years old does not matter. All our training programs are designed to fit from 7 years onwards.


Healthy Kids is aimed at children from 7 years and up. We have filled the app with tailor made material to motivate our youngest enthusiasts as well.

On our Healthy Kids pages you will find everything from tips to simple, useful recipes, ScreenTips to fun activities you can do with both family and friends to get up the tempo at home!

All children who have visited Healthy Kids should feel strengthened, motivated and inspired to more movement, better nutrition and stronger self-esteem. That is what we think all children deserve and are entitled to.