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Healthy Family’s experts:

Karolina Sparring

Karolina Sparring is one of our food creator who, with creativity and finesse, inspire us to add a dash of colour to our kitchens. Aside from working as a food creator she also holds cooking courses for both children and adults. Furthermore, she has also written books towards the very same audiences, and is a master at bringing life, lust, and lovely flavour out of the refrigerator. She will follow us on our journey towards a healthier lifestyle and both guide and inspire us towards new dietary habits, with exciting recipes fitting for both adult and child.

Gunnar Söderström

Full of energy, strength, and knowledge, Gunnar Söderström has become part of Healthy Family’s team, and what a delight it is to have one of Sweden’s most inspiring trainers onboard! Gunnar will help us find the right road to motivating exercise that feels fun and profitable for the whole family. Aside from being an educated personal trainer, naprapath, and nutritionist, Gunnar lectures frequently about the relationship between mental attitude and results. Furthermore, he is part of Sweden’s triathlon-elite and is responsible for training the judges in FIFA and Allsvenskan.

Anna Sunneborn

Healthy Family’s own motivational expert, Anna Sunneborn, stands at our side, ready to pep us and our users so that together we can set the right goals that precipitates the necessary change towards a healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, she knows where to find the right motivation, and how to keep the engine running over a prolonged time. Anna has been commended over her inspiring lectures about the power of motivation, and she has worked with coaching some of Sweden’s biggest companies . We are incredibly pleased to partake in her knowledge!

Sheila Arnell

Shiela Arnell is our inspiring yoga-instructor whose passion is giving children and families a stable ground for good health through nutrition and physical exercise. Through yoga she seeks to inspire others to find self-respect, to learn how to handle stressful situations, and to increase one’s body-awareness. Furthermore, yoga is an excellent and merciful way to cultivate strength for both mind, body, and soul, and quite an entertaining thing to do together as family.

Sara Begner

Sara Begner is one of Healthy Family’s fantastical recipe-creator! Aside from having published several cook-books, she is also an educated nutrition-physiologist; she knows just what the body needs for it to work flawlessly! She is a master at vegetarian food and has a magical touch for flavour, nutrition, and the combination of raw materials. Sara will keep inspire and aide us by filling out our app with easily-cooked, healthy, and beautiful recipes that suits the entire family.

Sara Magnusson

Healthy Family’s own running-coach, Sara is a licenced personal trainer who strives to inspire people get moving and find joy in physical exercise. She has several SM- and international voltige titles under her belt, and her personal philosophy is that it is never too late to change one’s lifestyle. All that is necessary is dash of courage, something she has experienced herself through the length of her career. We’re very happy to have her onboard!

Rebecca Ternestin

Healthy family’s own dancing instructor, Sara has been dancing since she was 9 years old and now works with Bliss Dance Academy where she teaches Street-dancin’ and Hip Hop. Rebecca loves tact and tempo, and she seeks to share this love so that others can feel the same. Dancing is a fantastical force that makes a difference both physically and mentally, and Rebecca is well-versed in its art, she knows just the knack that turns the thrum of feet into rhythmic expression, and her lessons will be readily available through the app, for the whole family to enjoy!

Liselott Löwgren

Liselott is Healthy Family’s expert in oral health. She studied at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, and has since 1994 worked as a dentist, and began driving her own clinic in 2004. She strives to help people understand the importance of maintaining dental hygiene, and what a fantastic profit that entails. What drives her is patients realizing that they can change for the better. Everyone has the same opportunities for good dental health – you just need to know how!

Åsa Lagerqvist

Is leg. Physiotherapist and trained Yogaterapeut. Åsa is also an instructor for medical yoga and specializes in stress and fatigue. She will help us to get to know those parts of the body we usually do not think of, or take for granted. She gives us the tools we need to be able to live healthy from an inner perspective.